Pak Vs NZ, CWC 2023: Pakistan Skipper Babar Azam Buys Sherwani, Jewellery Worth ₹7 Lakh From Designer Sabyasachi In India For His Wedding

Babar Azam. | (Image Credits: Twitter)

Pakistan’s cricket captain, Babar Azam, has garnered unexpected attention due to reports that he recently spent a substantial amount of seven lakh rupees in India on a designer sherwani for his upcoming wedding, cricket website One Cricket reported.

This development has raised eyebrows in the world of cricket, as it’s considered unusual for a team captain to be involved in wedding shopping during a major tournament. Pakistan, the 1992 World Champions, arrived in Kolkata just one day before their match against Bangladesh, which they won.

Babar Azam’s wedding is scheduled for the end of this year, and his lavish purchase has captured the interest of fans and critics alike.

Babar buys sherwani from Sabyasachi

It has been revealed that the Pakistani skipper procured the designer sherwani from the renowned Indian designer boutique, Sabyasachi, known for its exquisite bridal and groom attire. Additionally, he is said to have acquired a significant amount of jewelry from a renowned jewelry maker.

With wedding preparations in full swing, Azam’s relatives are also actively involved in making arrangements, as reported by the website.

The timing of his wedding shopping during a crucial international tournament has sparked debates regarding his focus and commitment to his role as captain.

Babar Azam now finds himself in the spotlight not only for his stylish wedding preparations but also for the performance of the struggling Pakistani cricket team, which is striving to reach the semi-finals.

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