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About us

Start up

a to z NEWS is an startup, headed by Ms. Vidhi, a post graduate in Mass Communication. The Channel has been launched since 1st July 2022 but officially launched for readers on 1st Aug 2022.

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Our focus is to provide, our readers, latest US news and all relevant information and provide early update as soon as possible. Our effort is to make our Channel an “All in one” platform for our readers.

Our Team

Our team has professionals and who are eagerly waiting to provide the best services and understanding of article for our readers. They are working day and night for this company.


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Sandhya@sandhya007 Read More
I get all of my news from here, and I’ve been exposed to newspapers from all around the world. It is a simple method to receive your daily news dose and remain current on the most significant domestic and worldwide news.
John Doe
John Doe@john_d Read More
Why are sports in the headlines and local. I like the old news where all sports were under sports and I could limit them to certain articles.
Jane@Jake_jane Read More
I recently discovered this website and had a wonderful time. I could locate the news and interesting items in the sections, which are excellent. Team, keep entertaining us! Excellent website and stuff.