‘Elvish Yadav Supplies Snake Venom In Gurgaon & Noida, Should Be Jailed For 7 Years’, BJP MP Maneka Gandhi Explains How Bigg Boss OTT 2 Winner’s Rave Party Was Busted

Union Minister Maneka Gandhi on Friday (November 3) elaborated how the PFA caught Elvish Yadav’s people by using a trap and while speaking to the media also said that she and her team planned the plot which exposed Elvish Yadav. Maneka Gandhi also alleged that Elvish Yadav used to sell the venom of snakes, including snakes like Cobra, in Gurugram and Noida for rave party.

Maneka Gandhi also mentioned the Youtube videos of Elvish Yadav, in which the Youtuber is seen with snakes. Many of the snakes used by him are of endangered species, said Maneka Gandhi and demanded that Elvish Yadav be arrested immediately as it is Grade-1 crime that has provisions of seven years in jail.

Maneka Gandhi explained how her people from the NGO laid the trap to expose Elvish Yadav. She said that the NGO people contacted him under the guise of buying snake venom. Elvish first sent his people and once he was assured, he agreed to sell the venom, thus exposing his role in the illicit business, said Maneka Gandhi.

(More details to follow)

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