Taxes AG According to a court document, Ken Paxton and his wife left their house to avoid being summoned in an abortion case.

In a federal lawsuit brought by organisations aiming to assist Texans in obtaining out-of-state abortions, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton fled his house to avoid being served a subpoena on Monday, according to court documents.

Taxes AG Ken Paxton
Taxes AG Ken Paxton

Paxton left the process server papers and fled away

According to an affidavit submitted on Monday in U.S. District Court in Austin, Paxton refused to receive the papers from a process server and fled from his driveway into a truck driven by his wife, state senator Angela Paxton, of McKinney, Texas.

Process server Ernesto Martin Herrera noted in the sworn statement that the Paxtons left the papers on the ground by the house and drove away without picking them up.

Paxton claimed that the summon was unjustified

The summons for Paxton’s hearing was quashed on Tuesday by Federal Judge Robert Pitman. Because “none of the requirements for issuing, let alone implementing, and such a demand had been satisfied,” Paxton claimed the summon was unjustified.

Later on Tuesday, Paxton released a statement in which he claimed the server had threatened him by surging at him and screamed “inanely.”

The attorney general added that Herrera is “fortunate this scenario did not develop further or need force,” pointing that so many Texans have guns for safety.

Financial aid to women seeking abortions

Paxton, a Republican, was required by the subpoena to appear at a court hearing on Tuesday (26/9) morning in a civil action in which several nonprofit organisations from Texas want to restart assisting expectant residents in getting abortions in other states. This covers compensating for those out of abortion clinics, offering financial aid to women seeking abortions, and funding interstate travel for the clinics themselves.

Abortion-assisting operations came to an end

The NGOs claim that their abortion-assisting operations came to an end just before the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision in June, reversed Roe v. Wade, which had long since established the constitutional right to abortion. Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, two cases that had essentially sustained the Roe abortion right, were both dismissed by the high court following its decision in Dobbs.

Paxton further tweet –

Paxton in a pair of tweets late Monday night claimed he was showing concern for his family and attacked the media for reporting on the affidavit, without denying the substance of the document.

In reaction to a Texas Tribune report

Paxton tweeted and stated that this is a ridiculous waste of time and the media should be embarrassed of themselves.

His tweet stated that republicans have suffered threats to their safety around the nation – many of which have garnered no coverage or criticism from the mainstream media.

He continued in a second tweet: It’s obvious that the media wants to create another controversy surrounding my work as Attorney General, so they’re blaming me for being brave enough to avoid a stranger loitering outside my home and displaying care about the safety and well-being of my family.