Prince Harry, Elton John, and others sue the publisher of the Daily Mail, calling it “abhorrent.”

prince harry and meghan
Prince harry and Meghan

Prince Harry is suing the press in his native country once more, and this time he’s joined by fellow Britons Elton John, Elizabeth Hurley, and Sadie Frost.

Harry is the victim of  breach of privacy by Associated Newspapers.

The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, and MailOnline are the British tabloids that have been the most critical of Harry and his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, over the past five years. The publisher of Associated Newspapers is the target of a new legal campaign that Harry is joining, according to the Duke of Sussex’s most recent London lawyer, Hamlins.

In a news release, Hamlins stated that Harry and the other celebrities, including John’s husband David Furnish, are “the victims of reprehensible criminal activities and grave breach of privacy by Associated Newspapers.”

The suer contended.

The suer claim that the tabloids bugged their cars and residences, recorded their private phone calls, paid crooked cops for sensitive information, impersonated them to gain their confidential medical information, and accessed their bank accounts, credit histories, and financial transactions.

The Hamlins statement claimed that “many other innocent persons remain unaware victims of similar horrific and abhorrent covert deeds” and that the alleged crimes described above only reflect the “tip of the iceberg.”

They have now joined forces to find the truth and hold the guilty journalists—many of whom still occupy prominent positions of leadership and power today—wholly accountable.

Hamlins is the attorney representing Harry and Frost.

Prince harry and Meghan with Elizabeth
Prince harry and Meghan with Elizabeth

Harry and the other plaintiffs, according to the Hamlins statement, desire to live in a “where the press can exercise freedom but with responsibility. A newspaper that upholds truth, is based on reality, and can be relied upon to act morally and in the best interests of the British people.”

Harry and Frost are being represented by Hamlins, a law firm that specialises in cases against the media. John, Furnish, Hurley, and Baroness Doreen Lawrence of Clarendon are being represented by a different law company, gunnercooke. They are the mothers of a Black British teen who was killed in a racist attack in London in 1993 and who the late Queen Elizabeth II later made a Life Peer.

David Sherborne, who successfully defended Meghan in a significant case against the Mail on Sunday, will serve as the case’s attorney if the lawsuit ever makes it to court.

The Daily Mail is the largest digital newspaper in the UK.

The Daily Mail’s website has not yet provided information about the lawsuit.

The strong Associated Newspapers and its Daily Mail, currently the biggest print and digital media newspaper in the United Kingdom, are the target of Harry, 38, or Meghan, 41,’s fifth legal volley. The couple, along with their two children Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, have moved to California after an unhappy departure from their position as working royals in 2020.

Harry succeeded in the lawsuit’s initial step.

Harry has already prevailed in two legal actions for libel and slander against the Associated Newspapers, and a third is still pending. In the latter, Harry’s attempts to bribe the Metropolitan Police for security for his family while they are in the UK are covered by the Mail. After a judge determined that some of an article about his battle for police protection was defamatory, he won the first phase of the lawsuit in July.

In order to stop Associated Newspapers from violating her copyright, Meghan has launched a lawsuit.

Prince harry and Meghan
Prince harry and Meghan

Meghan has filed a lawsuit against Associated Newspapers for copyright infringement and invasion of privacy after the Mail on Sunday published a private letter she addressed to her divorced father without her consent. The Mail released the court-ordered apology in December after loosing an appeal. She won that lawsuit in February 2021.

Meghan criticised the Mail on Sunday at the time for engaging in “illegal and demeaning activities.”

She continued in her statement, “For these outlets, it’s a game. “It’s real life, genuine relationships, and very real sadness for me and a great number of other people. They have already done considerable damage and they’re still doing it.”

Harry and Meghan have won legal fights.

In a different ongoing action Harry filed in 2019 against many newspapers, including The Sun and The Mirror, over alleged phone hacking when he was a teenager, Harry is one of many famous plaintiffs.

Additionally, Harry and Meghan have prevailed in legal battles in the US against two paparazzi groups they had accused of using “intrusive” methods to capture images of their son.