Principal Suspended After Video Of Students Performing Namaz In Lucknow School Premises Goes Viral

In spite of the stringent measures implemented by the Uttar Pradesh government to regulate religious programs in schools and colleges, educational institutions continue to engage in such activities. A case exemplifying this has recently emerged in the state’s capital, Lucknow, showing students performing Namaz in school premises. The video capturing this incident has been widely circulated on social media since last Saturday.

Meera Yadav, the principal of the primary school, faced an immediate suspension on October 21. This action was taken under the Uttar Pradesh Government Servant (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1999, following the wide circulation of a video depicting the school’s students performing namaz within the school premises.

Local councilor, VHP leader protest against Namaz at school

According to available information, the incident occurred in a primary school under the Basic Education Board in Lucknow, where a group of children was were performing Namaz. The incident revolves around Napier Road Colony Primary School, situated in the Thakurganj police station area of Lucknow.

After the video went viral, local councilor Manish Rastogi, along with Ankur Kumar, the district coordinator of the Vishwa Hindu Mahasabha, and others, organised a protest against children participating in Namaz at the school. They accused the school’s in-charge, Meera Yadav, of compelling the children to perform Namaz and lodged a formal complaint with Zone 6’s regional officer.

Principal, two other suspended after video goes viral

Following the video’s circulation on social media, the local education officer was appointed to conduct an investigation. Based on the preliminary findings, two teachers and an education worker at the school were found to be at fault. Consequently, the school’s principal, Meera Yadav, along with teachers Tahzeeb Fatima and education worker Mamta Mishra, have been suspended. Furthermore, a comprehensive inquiry into this matter has been initiated.

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