Rajasthan BJP Workers Protest After Release Of 2nd List, Slogans Raised Against CP Joshi In Chittorgarh

Chittorgarh: The workers’ resentment over candidate selection continued in the BJP after the release of the second list in Rajasthan. Worker protests were observed in Chittorgarh, Rajsamand, Bundi, Alwar, and Jaipur.

After the first list of 41 candidates, strong resentment emerged in over half a dozen seats in Rajasthan. Now, a similar scenario can be seen in 4-5 seats after the release of a list of 83 candidates.

The party president, CP Joshi, is facing protests in his parliamentary constituency of Chittorgarh, where the party dropped the sitting MLA, Chandrabhan Singh Aakya, and awarded the ticket to Narpat Singh Rajvi, also a sitting MLA from Vidhyadhar Nagar but denied a ticket. After the list’s release, workers in Chittorgarh chanted slogans against CP Joshi and staged a massive protest.

The disgruntled MLA, Aakya, stated that this was due to a personal dispute. He had been aware of this for a while, but the party will suffer throughout the division because of this decision.

BJP office vandalised in Rajsamand

In Rajsamand, supporters of BJP contenders Dinesh Badala, Ganesh Paliwal, and Mahendra Kothari vandalised the BJP office in protest against fielding the sitting MLA, Deepti Maheshvari. The police had to intervene. Angry workers set fire to election materials intended for four assembly constituencies. Many officials and booth workers resigned in protest against the ticket decisions.

In Udaipur, Deputy Mayor Paras Singhvi opposed the candidacy of Tara Chand Jain. He became emotional among the workers and urged the party to reconsider. Paras also criticized Assam Governor Gulab Chand Kataria, stating that he was corrupting Udaipur’s politics. Kataria was a prominent figure in the party in the Udaipur division.

Protests also occurred at the party office in Jaipur, where supporters of the sitting MLA, Ashok Lahoty, opposed Bhajan Lal Sharma, who was given a ticket from Sanganer in place of Lahoty.

Commenting on the workers’ resentment, party president CP Joshi said that the candidates were chosen through a collective decision, and the situation would be under control very soon.

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