Video Shows MPs Kicking, Punching Intruder Who Protested With Smoke Canister Inside Lok Sabha

In a dramatic video that has emerged from the Lok Sabha, MPs can be seen thrashing one of the two intruders who stormed into the chamber during proceedings and threw canisters that emitted yellow smoke. The MPs from can be seen surrounding the intruder and hurling punches at him.

At least seven MPs can be seen holding and beating the intruder. Congress Amritsar MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MP Malook Nagar and Rashtriya Loktantrik Party MP Hanuman Beniwal reportedly caught hold of the intruder and began hitting him. Other MPs joined in punching and kicking the intruder.

“The public gallery is above where our seats are, and the Zero Hour was in progress. Only 5-7 minutes were left. Suddenly, I felt as if someone had pushed my bench. Before I could comprehend anything, the youth began jumping on the bench. It seemed as though life was in danger,” Nagar reportedly said. “When I pursued him, the young man started stating that dictatorship would not work. Nagar said, ‘He began jumping over the seats. As we tried to apprehend him, he kept saying – Don’t come closer, don’t come closer, dictatorship will not work. As soon as he approached, he took out his shoe, extracted something from it, and smoke spread.”

The security breach at the Lok Sabha came on the 22nd anniversary of the Parliament attacks, which claimed the lives of six Delhi Police personnel, two Parliament security officers and a gardener.

In Thursday’s breach, authorities apprehended four protesters who stormed into the Parliament with smoke canisters.

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