JDU Leader Throws Petrol, Threatens To Set Woman Constable On Fire As Supporters Attack Police In Saharsa; Video Surfaces

Patna: In a shocking incident in Bihar’s Saharsa district, a JDU leader allegedly threw petrol and threatened to set a woman constable on fire even as his supporters attacked police. A video of the shocking incident was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by several journalists, expressing shock over the brazen behaviour of the JDU leader.

The incident took place on Wednesday (November 1). The video clearly shows the JDU leader springing petrol on the ground and threatening the police personnel.

The JDU leader has been identified as Owais Kurni alias “Chunna.” He was also a former councillor.

The incident took place due to a conflict that broke out over vehicle checking by police earlier in the day. There was a heated argument and police was attacked by a few locals of the JDU leader’s locality. The police had gone to the locality to arrest the accused.

However, the JDU leader and his people attacked Police at a petrol pump station as the crowd got violent after seeing police. The video of the incident has gone viral, which shows the JDU leader and his supporters openly attacking and threatening police. Investgation in the case is underway.

Watch the shocking video below.

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