4 Workers Hospitalised After Inhaling Toxic Gas Leaked From Pipeline At Pharma Company In Vadodara

In a distressing incident, four workers were hospitalised in Vadodara after inhaling a toxic gas leaked from a pipeline at a pharmaceutical factory. The incident took place at Aalidhra Pharmachem Private Limited, a company located in the Nandesari industrial estate.

Various companies in the Nandesari GIDC area have previously been known to release hazardous gases into the open air, posing health risks to nearby residents and workers.

After the incident, Nandesari police were promptly informed, and further inquiries are being conducted by the safety and health departments, as well as the Gujarat Pollution Control Board, to ascertain the cause of the gas leak and prevent future occurrences.

All workers are reported to be in stable health, according to an official statement. At the time of the incident, which occurred around 8 am, numerous workers were on-site at the factory situated in the Nandesari GIDC area. The official explained that four workers experienced discomfort after inhaling gas leaked from a damaged pipe that had become detached from a joint. Promptly responding to their distress, the affected individuals were swiftly transported to a hospital, and their health condition is now deemed stable, the official further conveyed.

Six units were closed in Nandesari GIDC earlier this year

Earlier in July this year, Closure notices were issued by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) to six industrial units in Nandesari GIDC for their consistent violation of environmental regulations and ongoing pollution of the Mini River. These units were discharging untreated industrial effluents into the river, resulting in its contamination.

Securing the fourth position among the top five states grappling with severely polluted rivers, Gujarat is confronted with a troubling scenario as 20 rivers are classified under the critically polluted category. The predominant factor contributing to this environmental crisis is the continuous release of untreated industrial effluents into the rivers. Notable contributors to this alarming issue include major polluting industries such as the Vadodara Petrochemical Complex, Nandesari, Ankleshwar, Vapi, Vatva, and Hazira near Surat.

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