Fire Breaks Out In Residential Society In Ghaziabad’s Crossings Republik; None Injured

VIDEO: Fire Breaks Out In Residential Society In Ghaziabad’s Crossings Republik; None Injured |

UP: Two separate fires broke out in the Crossings Republik area of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh on Friday morning, causing panic among residents. The first fire erupted on the 9th floor of a tower in the Panchsheel Wellington Society, triggering fear and chaos in the high-rise.

Simultaneously, another blaze ignited in a pharmacy shop located in a nearby shopping complex. The fire department swiftly responded to the distress calls, preventing loss of life but resulting in significant damage to property.

Details On First Fire Incident

The initial blaze was reported at approximately 7:28 am on the 9th floor of Panchsheel Wellington Society. Despite the society’s installed firefighting equipment, it proved ineffective in containing the fire. Residents, alarmed by the escalating situation, contacted the fire department for assistance. Visuals of the fire incident show intense flames and thick black smoke billowing from the balcony of the affected flat.

Utilising the neighbouring balconies, the fire brigade initiated firefighting efforts and successfully brought the blaze under control. The fire’s origin was traced to a lamp in a balcony temple. Fortunately, the resident, Himanshu Sehgal, was safely evacuated.

Details On Second Fire Incident

Around 8:05 am, a second fire broke out in a ground-floor pharmacy shop located in Panchsheel Square. The fire brigade swiftly deployed hoses and engaged in firefighting operations. Despite their efforts, the blaze consumed goods worth lakhs, reducing them to ashes. Firefighters worked diligently to bring the fire under control, preventing its further spread.

Investigation Underway

Rahul Pal, Chief Fire Officer, stated that investigations are ongoing to determine the causes of both fire incidents. The prompt response of the fire brigade played a crucial role in averting potential disaster, highlighting the importance of preparedness and swift action in such emergencies. Residents and authorities are now assessing the damages while emphasizing the need for heightened fire safety measures in the society.

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