Father Of Parliament Intruder Manoranjan D

Devaraje Gowda, who said he is the father of the Parliament intruder Manoranjan D, reacted to his son’s actions that left the country in the shock. Gowda said that his son liked to do social work and is an ardent reader of Swami Vivekananda’s books.

Talking to the reporters outside his house in Mysuru, Karnataka, Gowda said, “My son is an honest and truthful man. He likes to do social work and is ready to sacrifice for the society. He reads Swami Vivekananda’s books which must have prompted him to act like this.”

“He is educated in Mysuru. We are a well-to-do family and do not have connections with any organisations or political parties,” Gowda said.

Manorajan, an engineering student from Mysuru, is one the intruders who breached the Parliament security on Thursday and threw smoke canisters during the ongoing Winter Session proceedings.

Visitor pass signed by Mysuru BJP MP Pratap Simha: MP Danish Ali

Manorajan alongwith fellow Karnataka-native Sagar Sharma stormed into the Lok Sabha chamber, from the public gallery into the Lok Sabha chamber as BJP MP Khagen Murmu was speaking. Panic ensued following the breach as the MPs scrambled to save themselves. Manorajan and Sagar were later apprehended by the security officials. According to BSP MP Danish Ali, Sagar’s pass was signed by Mysuru BJP MP Pratap Sinha. A photo of the pass, making rounds on social media, showed Simha’s name as the signatory.

Outside the Parliament, 42-year-old Neelam Kaur and 25-year-old Amol Shinde were taken into custody for throwing smoke canisters on the grounds and chanting slogans. “Dictatorship and crime against women will not be tolerated,” said Kaur as she was taken away by the police.

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