News Anchor Rubika Liyaquat Uses Sandwich To Explain Opposition-Govt Tussle & Common People’s Plight, Akhilesh Yadav Comments On Video

Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav on Friday (August 4) tweeted and commented on the video of popular news anchor of Bharat 24 news channel Rubika Liyaquat, in which the anchor is seen trying to explain the situation of common people and the tussle between government and opposition using the sandwich as an example. Commenting on the analogy, Akhilesh said in his tweet, “And the seed that has been sprinkled with salt is the work of the irresponsible media! If the one who renames things decides to rename it as ‘Tomato’, then perhaps the value of the media will also increase.”

Rubika Liyaquat’s video comes in the backdrop of tomatoes touching unprecedented prices in the market, making the common man skip the vegetable and purposely give it a miss.

As for the mention of Opposition and the ruling government in the video, the anchor makes an analogy and says that the bread slices represent the government and opposition and that the “kheera” (cucumber) or tomatoes (which was missing from the sandwich shown) symbolises the situation of common people.

Popular TV presenter Rubika Liyaquat recently quit ABP Network after being part of the Hindi news channel for five years. She has joined Bharat24 as vice-president. The journalist is also set to launch her independent YouTube channel, said reports.


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