NFL – Cowboys lose against Eagles, 26-17

Cooper Rush had not yet lost a game for the Dallas Cowboys, and he had played practically flawless football up to this moment. He was unable to help them in their Sunday night game against the Philadelphia Eagles, as they lost 26-17 to their opponents.

In a sense, the rose’s bloom has fallen off. Due to a four-game winning streak, some Dallas supporters mistakenly assumed that there was some sort of quarterback issue because of Cooper Rush’s 5-0 record as the starter and the need-a-story-to-tell national media. The Philadelphia Eagles made sure everyone watching the game understood the distinction between a winning quarterback and a franchise quarterback as Dak Prescott’s return to action drew near.

Cowboys v/s eagles

Cowboys managed to trim the Eagles

Rush was unpredictable all throughout evening, tossing two interceptions in the initial part and another in the latter. The running attack of Ezekiel Elliott was insufficient to create the comeback due to a defense that struggled to stop the opponent when it mattered most, several penalties called at the wrong time, and other factors. Dallas managed to trim the Eagles’ advantage from 20-0 to 20-17, but they were battered on the ground as they handed up a lengthy scoring drive. The Cowboys’ record now stands at 4-2 after a 26-17 defeat.

Cowboys stopped on third down

The Cowboys experienced a number of events in the beginning of the game. On Philly’s second drive of the game, Dallas was pushed down the field, but Dallas was stopped on third down at the conclusion of the fourth quarter. When everyone in the universe understood that the Eagles were going to execute the draw-opponent-offside-hard-count play, Dante Fowler somehow believed they would snap the ball. He leapt, touchdown after one play.

Eagles’ got confused on Dan Quinn’s defence

Rush’s chariot turned into a pumpkin on the Cowboys’ subsequent possession when he passed late to Michael Gallup for a tipped-pass interception. Micah Parsons was forced to pick between covering AJ Brown or Jalen Hurts because the Eagles once again confused Dan Quinn’s defence, and the result was a score. 14-0.

Immobile QB

The coaching staff then made a mistake by failing to contest the catch made by CeeDee Lamb, who extended for a first down. A fourth-down bootleg was called with an immobile QB who passed to a rookie TE in traffic, and they were also down 14-0 at the time. Incomplete.

Thankfully, the defence tightened up and stopped a long field goal. It was successful, though, and Dallas was down 3 points at the halfway point of the second quarter.

Rush interception changed the course of game

Another Rush interception increased the advantage to 20, but the subsequent kickoff changed the course of the game.

With Kelvin Joseph blocking the path, rookie Kavontae Turprin broke a 56-yard return that would have been a touchdown but instead resulted in a field goal just before halftime. The tide then changed.

3rd and 4th quarter

In the third quarter, Dallas outscored Philadelphia by more than 150 yards, and by the midpoint of the fourth quarter, the margin had been reduced to three points.

Elliott, who had a commanding presence with the ball and scored a touchdown from 14 yards, was responsible for the opening touchdown. Rush connected with rookie Jake Ferguson on a defensive stop to reduce the deficit to three, but that’s as close as it gets.

The Cowboys’ ability to compete in this game despite having a nervous backup quarterback could be a harbinger of things to come, despite the disappointment in their inability to win. Although the defence didn’t demonstrate elite performance, they are still extremely good and have space for improvement. The offensive unit will eventually have their real leader back, and Dallas might still pose a threat late in the game.


The fact that Cooper Rush had a 5-0 record as the starter led some Dallas fans to believe there was some sort of quarterback problem. The Cowboys were able to cut the Eagles’ lead from 20-0 to 20-17, but they were beaten physically and gave up a sustained scoring drive. Dallas battled back and outgained Philadelphia in the second and third quarters by more than 150 yards. Despite the loss, the Cowboys’ ability to contend may be a sign of things to come.


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