The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah is quitting.

Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show,” has declared his intention to leave the anchor chair.

Noah announced that, after seven years as the host of the Comedy Central satire news programme, his “time is up”.

The daily show trevor noah
Trevor Noah

Pandemic made Noah’s decision to quit

“It’s been very incredible. It’s something I never anticipated “Regarding his time as a show host, Noah stated. “The entire time, I kept reflecting on everything we’ve been through. The Trump presidency, the pandemic, the voyage alone, and yet another pandemic have made me understand that my time is up after seven years.”

When Jon Stewart left “The Daily Show” in 2015, Noah, a stand-up comedian from South Africa, was still relatively unknown to American viewers.

To those of you who watched, Noah said, “I want to say thank you. “I never anticipated being here. I somewhat resemble Charlie from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” I had been here to take a tour of the last performance when suddenly I was given the keys.

Trevor Noah’s desire to do more stand-up comedy

Noah made a suggestion that his decision to quit the show was motivated by his desire to do more stand-up comedy.

“I stayed in my apartment for two years and didn’t travel, and when I came back out

“When I returned to the world after spending two years living in my apartment and not travelling, I discovered there was still more of my life to discover. I miss picking up new tongues. I miss travelling and performing in other nations “said Noah.

Noah expressed his gratitude to his viewers

The “Daily Show” staff, Comedy Central, and his audience, who “believed in this odd comedian nobody knew towards this side of the planet,” were thanked by the comedian.

I’ve enjoyed hosting this show, Noah remarked; it’s been both one of my biggest difficulties and my greatest delights. “Even when the stories are really s***y and even on the darkest days, I’ve relished attempting to find a way to make people laugh. Together, we have both cried and laughed.”

He indicated he will indeed be around for some time but would not say when his last show would be.

I’m not going anywhere, Noah reassured. “I’ll pay you even though I owe you money.”