Netherlands Income Tax Secretary’s Purse Stolen From Bhuleshwar Market

A woman visiting India from the Netherlands had her purse stolen in South Mumbai. The complainant, Celina Gayatri Hari Chandraprakash Bihari (58), is a Dutch citizen and works as a secretary in the Income Tax Department in the Netherlands. She had a total of Rs 8.93 lakh in her purse.

According to Lokmanya Tilak (LT) Marg Police, Celina arrived in Delhi on September 22 to visit India with her sisters Idit Indrani Bihari and Lidia. From Delhi, they traveled to Mumbai.

Purse stolen when Celina went for shopping with sister

On Wednesday evening, around 6:30 PM, Celina and Idit went to the Bhuleshwar market for shopping. Celina had placed her brown purse with money inside Idit’s bag. While shopping for clothes in the market, Celina tried to retrieve her purse from Idit’s bag but found the bag’s zipper open, and her purse was missing.

Upon discovering her purse missing, Celina reported the incident at the LT Marg police station. Following her complaint, the police registered an FIR under section 379 of the IPC and initiated an investigation.

Contents of purse

Celina’s bag also contained her Netherlands Government’s I-Card, ABN Amro Bank’s debit card, 202 Euros (equivalent to Rs 8,88,800 in the Indian market), and Rs 5,000 in Indian currency.

The LT Marg police are actively investigating the matter and reviewing CCTV footage from the area for clues.

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