THIS Indian State Gets World Record For The Largest Roti; Can You Guess It Right?

What’s for lunch today? If you said it’s your favourite roti-sabzi, then here’s something that will interest you. You may choose to take the first bite of your food along with knowing that there’s actually a world record for the largest roti made. Who holds it? It’s India which is continuously winning the title. After Gujarat, another Indian state secured the record with its huge roti preparation.

Can you guess which state won the record?

Rajasthan broke the Guinness Book of World Records for preparing the largest roti which weighed more than 150 kilograms. It was created with the help of 21 artisans at the Hari Seva Udasin Ashram Sanatan Mandir in Bhilwara. The record-winning roti was made on Sunday using nearly 200 kg of wheat flour and it reportedly weighed 171 kg, surpassing the earlier record number of 145 kg.

Interesting story behind the roti preparation

The massive roti was made to celebrate a special occasion and make it memorable. The dish was prepared to observe the birthday of a BJP leader from the region identified as Kailash Soni. He told the media that instead of cutting and consuming cakes during the day, he chose to keep his birthday celebration traditional with a roti.

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