Unleashed Pet Pit Bull Brutally Attacks Stray Dog In Noida’s Sector 53, Owner Fails To Free It; Disturbing Video Surfaces

A disturbing video showing a pet pit bull attacking a stray dog in Noida’s Sector 53 surfaced online. It raised concerns about the safety of stray animals and even the general public due to the violent behaviour of the breed dog. The owner of the fierce pet dog was unable to control the incident and free the stray dog from the brutal clutches of his unleashed animal. Reportedly, the stray dog was badly wounded in the attack.

Disturbing video; viewer discretion is advised.

Video captures pit bull’s attack on camera

The unleashed and unmuzzled pet was seen repeatedly attacking the stray dog with its mouth in the residential premises, spreading fear of such attacks in the vicinity. The pet was seen ruthlessly biting the stray dog’s neck.

Owner fails to take control of violent pet

The pet owner identified as Narender Sharma was present at the spot during the gruesome incident, however, failed to take control of it.

The video showed Sharma trying to scare and shoo away the pit bull with its chain, but the dog continued to prey undistracted. No further efforts were made by the owner to rescue the stray dog and remove it from the clutches of his pit bull.

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