The High-Profile Contest In Assembly Elections Of Rajasthan’s Nathdwara

The famous religious town of Nathdwara is going to witness a high-profile and interesting assembly election this time as the candidates fielded by both Congress and BJP are heavyweights. One has been in politics for more than four decades while the other has a legacy of the former royal family of Udaipur.

Brief description

Nathdwara town of Rajsamand district of Rajasthan is known for the world-famous Shrinathji temple. Its devotees are from all over the world and include big industrialists like the Ambanis.  From the political point of view, Nathdwara is known for an important election result. This is the seat where Congress candidate CP Joshi lost the election by just one vote in 2008,  so it is a seat that tells the importance and value of each vote in the election.

The issues

Situated on the Jaipur – Udaipur highway, Nathdwara is an assembly seat adjoining Udaipur city. Due to the temple of Shrinathji, people come to Nathdwara from all over the country and many parts of the world, hence the economy here mainly depends on religious tourism. Apart from this, mining also takes place here.

The election issue this time here is the re-development of Nathdwara temple. Re-development of the temple and the surrounding area is being done and due to this, the nearby traders are worried about where and how they will be relocated.  There is no other big issue here as Rajasthan Assembly Speaker CP Joshi is the sitting MLA so most of the demands of local people have been met.


The population in the seat is mainly of  Rajputs and Brahmins. Apart from these, there is also a tribal population in some parts of this assembly constituency.


Congress has once again fielded  CP Joshi.  He is contesting the election for the eighth time from this seat. Before this, he had been MLA for five times and had lost the elections twice. A  professor by profession Joshi is a senior leader of the Congress party with an experience of more than four decades of active politics.

While the  BJP candidate Vishwaraj Singh has the legacy of the Mewar royal family. He is a descendant of Maharana Pratap. His father Mahendra Singh Mewar has contested elections from both BJP and Congress parties, although he has no political experience.

Previous election

In the previous election of 2018, Congress candidate CP Joshi defeated BJP candidate Mahesh Pratap Singh by 16940 votes. Interestingly NOTA remained stood third with 2.48 percent votes on the seat.

Total votes: 237942
Male: 122175
Female: 115767

Rural voters at Nathdwara assembly is approximately 85.12% as per the 2011 Census. Voters Turnout of Nathdwara assembly in the 2019 Parliament Election – 72.41%. Voters Turnout of Nathdwara assembly in the 2018 Assembly Election – 76.39%.

In the last 6 major elections, the BJP was led 4 times and INC was leading 2 times.

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