Sitapur Police thrashes a teacher in daylight

In a video viral on Twitter, a sub-inspector of Sitapur Police is seen thrashing a person in daylight on a roadside. It is claimed that the person getting beaten up is alleged to be a teacher. He was accompained with his child who is seen trying to defend his father from the police.

The incident took place on Wednesday, when the teacher while driving a car met with an accident with two cyclists by the road. The car faced minimal damage but the cyclists were badly injured. The police immediately rushed the spot and later on started beating the car driver which was caught on camera.

However, as soon as the video went viral Sitapur Police was seen replying the users who posted the video with a detailed statement of the incident on their Twitter handle saying,” The incident took place on the 23rd of November, Wednesday which was an accident that involved a car owner and two cyclists. The cyclists were heavily injured after the accident. As soon as the police reached accident spot, the car driver was seen misbehaving with the injured cyclists instead of helping them Hence, the CO of Police sent both the victims to the hospital in his own police vehicle. While the car driver along with his car were taken to the police station. All the necessary judicial procedures were followed.”

The officials of Sitapur Police are criticized on Twitter widely with users asking for the officer’s suspension over such act.

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