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In today’s #materialisticworld, #money has gained a #hugeimportance. Those who doesn’t have it, they want to acquire it and those who have it, want to acquire still further. In the process there is a possibility of #criminalactivities getting involved. In quite a few #movies which has #financialfraud as a backdrop #murdermysteries are woven around the plot. #Murder At #KohEFiza is no exception as the film revolves around a financial fraud which induces a few deaths, including a fake one.

Vikram Malhotra (Amitryaan) is a CEO of TLF construction company who goes bankrupt after losing his job for committing financial embezzlement. He has a beautiful wife Kangana (Shreya Narayan) who wants to start her own resort. Debt ridden Vikram fakes his death so that Kangana can claim Rs 100 crores from insurance company. An insurance cum security check agent Uday Saxena (Sunny Singh) comes to meet Kangana to verify the details of the claim. But he falls for her beauty and Kangana takes advantage of that and seduces him. When he finds out that Vikram is alive and the insurance claim is bogus, she cajoles him to murder Vikram and offers him half the claim amount. He arranges an accidental death of Vikram and Inspector Rajveer Singh (Akram Khan) takes charge of that case. He, after visiting Kangana, gets besotted with her beauty and again she uses him to get rid of Uday. How she goes about the situations and manages to go scot free forms the crux of the story.

The story, though not novel, is appealing with fresh presentation. Screenplay too is taut enough to keep the viewers engaged. The director has used modern techniques of storytelling and direction looks pretty good in a few scenes. Music is passable and background score adds to the narrative. Though the situations are predictive, the sharp editing makes the film more interesting. Shreya Narayan has delivered a fabulous performance and her uninhibited demeanour on screen lights up the romantic and lip-lock scenes. Amitryaan Is good and Akram Khan is passable. Sunny Singh has acted well.

Murder At Koh E Fiza is well described as Love, Sex and Dhoka.





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