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#SonyEntertainmentTelevision’s knowledge-based game show #’KaunBanegaCrorepatiSeason14′ will be welcoming the happy-go-lucky contestant from Mumbai, #CindyRaycelRodrigues. The 23-year-old is a student, pursuing Masters in Management Studies and the only woman in her class in Operations in her college and would be gracing the hotseat on 29th November, Tuesday. This would be impressing the host, #MrAmitabhBachchan, heavily, who would commend the contestant on taking up a role usually performed by men. Cindy would also be engaging the host in many interesting conversations and perform a brilliant gameplay which would enthral the audience and the viewers.

Conversing with Mr Bachchan, Cindy would be talking about how she had always desired to be a cricket commentator or be a show host, just like the host. Big B and the contestant would also be talking about her personal life and how she was raised by a strong single mother and her grandparents. Cindy would talk about her parents and her upbringing, crediting her family for moulding her into the woman she is, “They are the reason behind my success because every daughter learns from her parents and I have learned how to be strong from my mother. When you are a single mother, society has a lot to say to you, they judge your character and tell you that you will not be able to raise a child and that there must be something wrong with their upbringing. Even in school, I knew I cannot make a mistake because people would judge and say “she is from a broken home”, “her mom is a single parent”, or “her upbringing must not be right and so she made this mistake.” People judge you a lot and then you would have to be answerable to them. This is what has led me to grow closer to God. If there was no God then we three, my mother, my grandmother and I would not be able to reach where we are today. My grandmother and my mother always taught me that God is my father figure and I have lived it.” She even spoke about her grandfather and how he was her first father figure, taking care of her and being sweet to her when others did not. Mr Bachchan would also call upon the fact that her success can be credited to the two strong women in her life, her mother and grandmother who made her successful.

The contestant would be playing a fun game of ‘pol-khol’ further in the game, practising to be an anchor/host. One of the questions, about having celebrity crushes would have Big B reveal that he had always been inspired by Dilip Kumar Saab and Waheeda Rehman. About the latter actress, a source close to the set said that the host thought that she was beautiful, “Mr Bachchan said that he was inspired by the body of work that the two actors have. He spoke about Waheeda ji’s beauty and said that he always found that she had a unique “Indian-ness” to her and she was very down to Earth and simple.” The contestant would reply that he is a celebrity crush to many today, making the host blush.

Tune in to watch Cindy Raycel Rodrigues on the hotseat on 29th November on ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati-Season 14’ at 9 pm on Sony Entertainment Television.



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