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#Actor #AdityaShukla, who is part of #DangalTV’s #IshqKiDaastan–Naagmani, says that he is often praised for not just his performance, but also how he looks on screen. The actor says that he loves getting such compliments.

“I have got a lot of messages on Instagram saying that my hair and look is quite good and it matches the character. People are appreciating the hard work we put in. I just feel like I’m on cloud nine when I receive such compliments. I have two looks in the show. The first one is of a normal guy and the second is my super hero-Hulk look. So, it depends on what I have to get ready for. But on average, it takes 20 minutes to get ready.”

Meanwhile, the actor says that Dangal channel is coming out with some great content. “A trend is set and then someone just comes and disrupts the entire setting and writes their own rules. I feel Dangal is doing the same. It’s re-writing the rules of television with its unique thought process,” he says.

The actor also feels that shows need to be keep evolving to keep up with the changing interests of the audience. “These days with so much content available on a click of a button, it’s high time that we focus on creating unique and unexplored content for our viewers to keep them entertained,” he says.

Daily soaps need a lot of hard work, however, the actor says that his passion for acting and the love of his fans is what motivates him. “My passion for acting is for sure one reason that drives me to get up and rush to a daily soap set but besides actors, we are humans first. So, there are days when just the thought of getting out of bed is a mammoth of a task. But then I think of my fans and audience and the things they tell me and love about me. That gives me the ultimate boost to get up and get going. I am working for the audience that eagerly waits to watch my show,” he says.

Ask him if he manages to switch off from his character, once he is done with shoot, and he says, “Not always, I will always have to carry a part of my character home as I am always thinking how I can do better to make the character look real, believable, and of ways to connect with my audience. But when I meet my friends, family and fans; I just meet them as Aditya. Who is very loving, caring and curious about things and life in general.”

He adds, “I have learnt the art of detachment. As I would love to play my character to the best of my abilities and for that I have to be detached from it. This helps me scrutinise the character more objectively and I can see what’s working and what’s not working and take the necessary steps. So, I love my character but I don’t let it affect me mentally or emotionally.”

Well, after the shoot, the actor loves to just relax and refresh himself. “To be honest, after the shoot ends, we are just thinking about one thing, that is to go home and be with our family and sleep. But there are days when we all gather and go out to party. Recently, we had our 100 episode party organised by our very sweet producer Ved sir. He also arranged a Halloween party for all his actors and friends at his place. Usually, I hit the gym or visit my new born niece or just go home and watch either Bigg Boss or a movie,” he says.



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