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#HiteshBharadwaj’s look for Ekam in #Udaariyaan has been getting much attention. The actor shares having received a lot of appreciation. Ekam’s chemistry with #Nehmat, played by #TwinkleArora, is also being talked about.

“All the feedback that I have received is very good, honest and overwhelming for me. I get different responses on my look for Ekam,” he continues, “It’s never planned, we randomly try to do things and I am so glad it goes so well. Twinkle is more into social media than me. People really love all the reels that we share online, so we try to make more and more content.”

Udaariyaan is being produced by Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Dreamiyata Entertainment. The show is being shot in Chandigarh, the reason why some of the cast and crew have shifted there for the time being.

“Of course, I am missing Mumbai. Sometimes when we have a day off from our shoot, I miss going back home and being with my family. And I must say that people in Chandigarh have taken care of us with their warmth and love. I am really thankful to each one of them. Also, I wanted to thank Srman Jain (Actor, line producer) . He’s been very kind to me and made Chandigarh feel like home for me,” he adds.

Hitesh met Ravie a few days back. “I had no idea how to respond when he said that I am appearing extremely well on the show. Even Sargun told me the same thing. They both said that our chemistry, characters look great. Their compliments mean a lot to me,” he shares.

The actor’s family too watches the show. “Every day at 7 p.m, my mom watches it and she would call me and update me on the show’s progress as well as my performance. She didn’t call me a couple of days ago, so I called her. She told me it was an extremely emotional episode and they were all in tears. They always give me appreciation. All the folks present on the scene became quite emotional and started sobbing the day Ekam’s father passed away. This is when I realised that acting is a hard profession and people become really attached to it.” he says.



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