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Michelin Starred chef, writer, filmmaker, and humanitarian #VikasKhanna is all excited, as his documentary short film, #BarefootEmpress releases today. Yes! Ever since The Last Color, fans of the Michelin star have been eagerly waiting for him to turn into a storyteller again, and here he is. Barefoot Empress is a documentary on the legendary figure of Kerala, Karthiyani Amma, a 96-year-old who pursued her dream of education. Today, as the short film releases, here are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t miss watching this inspirational story.

Vikas’ passion for human interest stories: Vikas Khanna is an all-rounder in his true spirit. From cooking to writing to directing, the 51-year-old wears different hats with utter perfection. While his personal mission is to elevate Indian food at a global level, people who know Vikas closely know his passion for human interest stories. He is a true-blue humanitarian and is always looking for stories that drive a socially impact. Vikas’ debut feature film, The Last Color was heavily awarded and received immense adulation, and now with Barefoot Empress, he aims to inspire people further to not give up on their dreams!

True, Authentic Story: Barefoot Empress is a documentary that narrates the inspirational story of Karthiyani Amma. It depicts unwavering determination and fighting spirit as she sets her feet firmly on a path to pursue education at the ripe age of 96. The documentary captures her journey, struggles, and how there is no expiry date on dreaming! Karthiyani Amma will inspire the next generation with the stroke of her pencil.

An Ode to all dreamers: A story of courage, determination, and perseverance, Barefoot Empress will inspire and motivate everyone to follow their dreams. Since the story drives conversation regarding girl child education, it will encourage young women and girls around the world to pursue education and become financially independent in the long run

Amma will remind you of your own Grandmother and here is a reason for you to go back to her and try and fulfill any unsaid dream of hers.

Inspires you under 16 minutes: Unlike other projects, Barefoot Empress is a short title with a run time of 16 minutes. Its a heartening story, loaded with emotions and aims to inspire people within that short duration with Amma’s journey.

If after all these reasons you’re still reluctant to invest 16 minutes of your life to watch Barefoot Empress, hear Vikas Khanna – “Amma came from god’s own country and she has conquered not just my heart but the entire country’s. Women like Amma don’t get a spotlight very often. This is an Indian story and I’m glad that she will be celebrated across the world through this deeply rooted story. So let’s support her and others like her to help them propel forward and achieve their dreams.”


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