37-Year-Old Air India Pilot Dies Of Cardiac Arrest; 2nd One This Week

Delhi: 37-Year-Old Air India Pilot Dies Of Cardiac Arrest; 2nd One This Week | Representational Image

A 37-year-old pilot from Air India lost his life at the airline’s Gurgaon office due to a sudden cardiac arrest. Despite swift efforts to save him, including immediate transportation to the hospital and administration of CPR, the young pilot could not be revived.

Previous deaths of Pilots

This incident follows a series of unfortunate events in the aviation sector, including an incident in August where an IndiGo pilot collapsed at a Nagpur Airport boarding gate just before boarding a flight to Pune. Despite prompt first aid and hospitalization, the pilot could not be saved. Additionally, the industry mourned the loss of an ex-SpiceJet captain, currently working for Qatar Airways, who passed away while flying as a passenger from Delhi to Doha.

“Incident report”

The Times Of India reported on the “incident report” for Thursday’s “medical emergency case,” stating that at approximately 11:35 am on November 16, 2023, the Air India Commander suffered a cardiac arrest at the level 3 Air India office. Immediate CPR was provided by co-staff, and he was promptly transported to Medanta medical centre. Despite the doctor’s efforts to administer CPR and first aid, the pilot remained unconscious and was later declared deceased.

These series of events sheds light on issues of stress, fatigue and anxiety faced by pilots and others in the aviation industry.

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