Woman, son chop husband’s body, store them in fridge for days, caught on CCTV while dumping pieces near Pandav Nagar; watch video

Delhi: Wife, son chop husband’s body, store them in fridge for days; caught on CCTV while dumping pieces near Pandav Nagar |

New Delhi: Days after the Shraddha Walkar murder case came to light, another such incident has been reported from the national capital.

In this case, the Delhi Crime Branch has arrested Poonam and her son Deepak, and it is being told that the son, along with the mother, killed the father, Anjan Das, and then cut up the dead body and kept it in the freezer.

According to police, they chopped off body in several pieces, kept in refrigerator and used to dispose of pieces in nearby ground.

Poonam married Anjan Das in 2017

As per the police, the lady Poonam married Anjan Das in 2017 after her husband Kallu passed away in 2016. Kallu was Deepak’s father. Deceased Anjan was married in Bihar too and had 8 children there. He wasn’t earning and often use to fight.

Murdered him May 30 2022

On May 30, the mother and son made the deceased Anjan drink liquor and mixed sleeping pills in it. Then they slit his throat and left the body in the house for a day for the blood to drain out completely. The body was then cut into ten pieces, six of which were recovered and 4 are still missing.

Anjan Das had ill intentions towards Deepak’s wife and sister

The situation in Anjan’s family worsened after Deepak got married, and the deceased used to have ill intentions towards his wife and one of Deepak’s sisters who used to live with them. They were also concerned Anjan used to take all their earnings but wasn’t earning himself.

Crime branch solved the crime

The Crime Branch of the Delhi Police has claimed to have solved the mystery of human body parts found in East Delhi. The dead body was cut and kept in the refrigerator, after which the pieces of the dead body were thrown daily in different areas of Pandav Nagar and East Delhi.

This dreadful incident of murder was executed by mother and son together. Both mother and son cut the dead body into pieces, kept it hidden in the refrigerator, and then threw it in the Pandav Nagar area.

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