Why are children malnourished in Gujarat? Kharge asks ‘chieftain of liars’

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Sunday dubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “chieftain of liars” who tries to gain sympathy by calling himself poor and claiming that people abuse him.

Addressing a public rally at Dediapada in the tribal-dominated Narmada district in Gujarat, where Assembly elections are scheduled for December 1 and 5, Kharge said he comes from the “poorest of the poor and (belongs to) untouchable caste”.

“Modiji and (Union Home Minister Amit) Shah ask what Congress did in 70 years? Had we not done anything in 70 years, you would not have got democracy. And people like you who always claim to be poor.

“I am also poor. I am from the poorest of the poor. I come from the untouchable caste. At least people drink your tea. People do not even drink my tea,” he said.

Kharge alleged that PM Modi was trying to gain sympathy by playing a victim card.

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