Tomato at Rs 100/kg: Check latest rates in Delhi, Mumbai, other cities

By India Today Business Desk: There has been a sharp increase in the prices of tomatoes across India, with the staple crop costing Rs 100 per kilogram or more in many parts of the country.

Prices in local markets have surged to anywhere between Rs 80 and Rs 120 per kg, following an increase in prices in the wholesale markets.

Tomato prices have doubled in the past couple of days in Delhi, as supply from neighbouring states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana has plummeted.

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In Delhi, tomatoes are being sold at Rs 80 kg, while the rates have crossed Rs 100 per kg mark in Bengaluru.

Farmers have blamed the recent price hike on production shortages, triggered by the extreme heat and delayed arrival of the monsoon. Unseasonal rains also damaged the crops, leading to an increase in prices.

Lower production, triggered by a crash in tomato prices, is another reason for the price hike.

The increasing prices have also drastically affected the kitchen budget of consumers. “Earlier, the price of tomato was Rs 30 per kg, after that I bought it for Rs 50 per kg and now it has become Rs 100 kg. Prices are going to go up further and we’re helpless, we have to buy,” Suraj Gaur, a resident of Bengaluru said, reported ANI.

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