Tired Of Media Trial, Anju’s Father Threatens To Kill Himself, Ask Paps To Leave Him Alone

MP: Tired Of Media Trial, Anju’s Father Threatens To Kill Himself, Ask Paps To Leave Him Alone.

Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh): Tired and ‘troubled’ by continuous media presence around his home seeking questions regarding his daughter Anju who migrated to Pakistan, Gaya Prasad Thomas has threatened to end his life in Gwalior on Friday. His video where he can be seen requesting media persons to ‘spare’ him, is now going viral on social media.

Gaya Prasad Thomas requested media persons with folded hands to spare him and let live in peace or else he will kill himself. “My only fault is that she (Anju) is my daughter. Please do not turn on the camera. I am tired of speaking. And if you don’t listen to me I will hang myself to death.”

Ever since Anju migrated to Pakistan to marry his lover, media from across the country has been visiting her ex-husband and her father. Reacting to this, Anju’s father Gaya Prasad Thomas who resides in Bona village located in Tekanpur of Gwalior district told the media people to stop screening him anymore.

Incident Also Affected Thomas’ Livelihood

Complaining to the media, Anju’s father also said that her actions are affecting his monthly income as well. “I am a tailor and people in the village were my customers. That is how we made our monthly expenses. But for one week, we have received no customers.”

He added, “Today the situation is so that we are running out of flour and we are eating stale chapatis.”

He Also Denied News About Opposition From Fellow Villagers

Along with this, Anju’s father denied the news about his fellow villagers going on in the media. He said that all the people of the village are supporting him as well as helping him. So far, the family has not faced any opposition.

According to Gaya Prasad the news streaming on the television that the villagers are opposing him and threatening to throw him out of the village are all wrong but no one from the village is against him. Even the whole village is supporting him and ready to help him.


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