Supriya Shrinate Shares Pic Of Unflustered Rahul Gandhi Amidst Security Breach In Lok Sabha

New Delhi: Congress leader Supriya Shrinate, hours after two intruders jumped and opened gas canisters in the house in the area where the MPs were seated, shared a picture of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi.

The caption accompanying the post implied that Rahul Gandhi was unafraid even when there was chaos in the House following the sudden attack by two young men in the Parliament.

In a massive security breach on December 13, which is also the anniversary of deadly parliamentary attacks that took place in the Parliament in 2001, two men with “colour crackers” or smoke canisters created a ruckus inside the House and two people raised slogans outside the parliament.

The smoke canisters emitted a yellow-coloured smoke. The two men also chanted slogans such as ‘tana shahi nahi chalegi’ (dictatorship won’t be accepted).

All four accused have been detained by Delhi Police and are being interrogated by the police.

Congress MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla grabbed the smoke shell from the second intruder and threw it away.

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, said, “The incident that happened today is a topic of concern for all of us & is serious as well. A high-level investigation is being done and accordingly, action will be taken. A comprehensive review will be done regarding the security in the House. House is adjourned till 11:00 am tomorrow.”

Commandant of the 8th battalion, NDRF, PK Tiwary said, “According to the information we have received- an unidentified man jumped from the visitor’s gallery of Lok Sabha. Our technical team is working on it. We will inform you about any information that we get. We will reveal only after investigation.”

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