Subway India outlets drop tomatoes from menu, blame quality amid price hike

By India Today Business Desk: Several Subway outlets in India have halted the inclusion of tomatoes in their salads and sandwiches, citing quality concerns amid soaring prices, reported news agency Reuters.

The increased prices of the kitchen staple have reached a staggering 400 per cent, leading to record highs in some of the country’s markets despite the government’s intervention.

One of the affected Subway outlets at a Delhi airport terminal displayed a sign apologising for the “Temporary Unavailability of TOMATOES,” explaining that they were unable to procure a sufficient supply that met their quality standards.

The outlet assured customers that they are actively working to restore tomato supplies as soon as possible.

The Subway franchisee responsible for approximately 200 out of India’s 800 outlets, Everstone Group’s Culinary Brands, has not issued any other statement on the matter. The exact number of outlets impacted by this decision remains unclear.

While some Subway outlets across India continue to serve tomatoes, at least two stores in New Delhi, one in Uttar Pradesh, and another in Chennai have already ceased offering the vegetable due to its exorbitant cost. “It’s very expensive,” said one Subway store employee told the news agency.

A few weeks ago, McDonald’s restaurants in the country also dropped tomatoes from their menu items due to “quality issues”.

The impact of rising prices has extended beyond Subway, with other global restaurant chains such as Domino’s and KFC also introducing lower-priced offerings in the country.

The move comes as consumers tighten their spending due to high inflation rates. Domino’s has notably rolled out a seven-inch pizza for Rs 49, the brand’s cheapest option available worldwide, targeting the price-conscious Indian market.

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