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There has been a huge hue and cry about the current #SumbulTouqeer #Tina Dutta #ShalinBhanot situation in the #BiggBosshouse. Last week, on Weekend ka Vaar, #superstarhost #SalmanKhan even confronted Sumbul on being obsessed with Shalin in a rather harsh manner, something which the actress adamantly disagreed with. #Socialmedia has been divided over the matter and many feel that Sumbul is too young to be in the toxic environment that the house provides.

Actress Subuhii Joshi, who is part of Bigg Buzz, a segment about Bigg Boss on Voot, agrees. “A lot of people are watching Bigg Buzz and I am getting good feedback for the different characters that I am doing. For Sumbul, this is not the right time as she is very young. She was doing exceptionally well in her life but I do feel that she is pretty young to go to Bigg Boss. You need to see a lot of things in life before going to Bigg Boss. It’s not her fault. I don’t know how anyone can be obsessed with Shalin. Maybe she likes him as a person but using the word obsessed is wrong. Yes, there are some people who show their love and concern for their friends, so maybe she is like that. He says that Sumbul is 20 years younger than him but he is 20 years bigger,” she says.

In fact, she says Shalin is to blame as well. “If he is older then why can’t he understand what is going on. Even if she has a crush on you and you don’t, why you go behind her? You hug Tina the other side and then you just be around Sumbul. He is just pretending to be very innocent but he is not and he is equally responsible for what is happening,” she says.

Ask her if she wants to be part of Bigg Boss and she says, “I really wanted to be part of Bigg Boss but I am happy that I am not there this season as it’s not doing that great. There are just 2-3 topics which are stretched unnecessarily. If next season, I get a chance then I am pretty prepared for it. In a recent clip, I saw that Tina is complaining to Shalin that she is sitting and not taking my stand. I mean why would she take your stand. You insulted her in front of the nation!”



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