Ravindra Jadeja’s Wife & BJP MLA Rivaba Jadeja Gets Into Public Spat With Jamnagar Mayor & MP; Video Is Viral

Rivaba Jadeja, MLA from Jamnagar North assembly constituency in Gujarat and wife of Indian cricket team star player Ravindra Jadeja, got into a public spat after she was seen having a heated argument with Jamnagar MP (Member Of Parliament) Poonamben Maadam and Jamnagar Mayor Binaben Kothari. The incident got ugly after barbs were exchanged publicly and the entire incident was caught on camera. A video of the incident involving the BJP leader has gone viral and is being widely shared on social media. Videos of the incident were shared on ‘X’ (formerly Known as Twitter) showed and claimed that Rivaba tells the leaders to mind their status before arguing with her (aukaat mein raho).

In the video, it is seen that MLA Rivaba attends a function in which both Jamanagar Mayor Binaben Kothari and MP (Member Of Parliament) Poonamben Maadam are present. However, a bitter public argument broke out between the leaders. In most part of the video, Rivaba is seen arguing and trying to explain her point to the leaders in not so polite way.

However, things almost got out of hands towards the end when the ‘aukaat’ word came into the picture. Both the MP and Mayor are seen confronting Rivaba for the use of the term and the three leaders fight even as they pose for the cameras for a photograph. The video of the incident has gone viral.

BJP MLA from Jamnagar North, Rivabai Jadeja, also spoke on the incident and tried to clarify and give her side of the story related to the incident. Speaking in Gujarati, Rivabai spoke about “self respect”, “tribute” and “protocol”, implying that her anger was a reaction to the BJP MP’s comments when she tried to take out her slippers while paying respects to bravehearts.

“MP Poonamben Maadam paid tribute to the Bravehearts by wearing slippers and I took off the slippers. She said in a loud voice that even the PM and the President do not remove slippers in such programs but some ignorant people become over-smart. I did not like his comment, so I spoke out of self-respect…Did I make a mistake by taking off my slippers?”

BJP MP from Jamnagar, Poonamben Maadam, also addressed the media and called the whole episode a result of “misunderstanding and overreaction.” She added that because everything happened in front of camera, a lot of reports were circulating on social media and news reports. She also said that she had tried to intervene as Rivaba was under a “misunderstanding” and that she is like her “younger sister” and the Mayor Binaben Kothari like her “elder sister”. She said that there was nothing more to the incident than what meets the eye and called the BJP a “family” for party workers.

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