Rahul Gandhi gives fifth ‘guarantee’ in poll-bound Karnataka- Free travel for all women!

Ahead of the Assembly elections on May 10 in Karnataka, the Congress party has made a significant pledge to women voters in the state, adding to their list of substantial promises to the electorate.

During a rally in Mangaluru, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi pledged that if his party is elected to power in the upcoming elections, all women in Karnataka would have access to free public transportation.

Rahul Gandhi announced that if the Congress party comes to power in Karnataka, free transportation for women will be implemented from day one.

At a rally in Mangaluru, Rahul Gandhi declared the “Fifth Guarantee” as a commitment for the upcoming Karnataka elections.

 “As soon as the Congress government comes to power in Karnataka we will implement the 5th guarantee, all the women can travel free in the public transport,” Gandhi said.

Congress’ ‘guarantees’ in Karnataka

Previously, the Congress party had pledged to provide 200 units of complimentary electricity to each household monthly if elected in the state, and prior to that, party leader Siddaramaiah had guaranteed 10 kg of free rice to impoverished households in the event of the party’s victory.

During a rally held two weeks ago, Rahul Gandhi expressed confidence that the Congress party would win the upcoming Karnataka Assembly elections and assured that all of the party’s election promises would be officially approved during the first cabinet meeting of the new government.

These “guarantees” include “Gruha Jyothi,” which promises 200 units of complimentary electricity to all households, “Gruha Lakshmi,” which offers ₹2,000 per month to every female head of a family, “Anna Bhagya,” which pledges 10 kg of rice per month to each member of a Below Poverty Line (BPL) household, and “Yuva Nidhi,” which provides a monthly stipend of ₹3,000 for unemployed graduates and ₹1,500 per month for diploma holders for two years.

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