Pakistani Intelligence Agencies Say Love Alone Motivated Seema Haider To Illegally Enter India

Pakistan’s intelligence agencies have reportedly informed the government that love was the primary motivating factor that prompted a mother of four to clandestinely enter India to be with a Hindu man she had befriended through an online gaming platform, reports said on Monday.

Seema Ghulam Haider, a resident of Karachi in Sindh province, and Sachin Meena, residing in India, established contact while playing the game PUBG in 2019. Their connection evolved into a dramatic love story, despite the significant geographical distance of over 1,300 km and the strained relations between their respective countries.

The Uttar Pradesh Police stated that Seema, aged 30, and Sachin, aged 22, currently reside in the Rabupura area of Greater Noida, near Delhi, where Sachin operates a provision store.

“Pakistani woman Seema Haider left the country only to marry an Indian man (Sachin Meena) out of love as no other factor/motive has come to forth so far,” local Urdu daily, Jang, reported, quoting a report of the Pakistani intelligence agencies.

“According to the Pakistani intelligence agencies report, no other factors/motives except ‘love’ with Hindu Indian man appears to be the reason for leaving the country. The report has been submitted to the government,” it said.

Seema Haider was apprehended on July 4 for unlawfully entering India without a visa, along with her four children, all below the age of seven. Similarly, Sachin was arrested for providing shelter to the undocumented immigrants. However, both were subsequently released from custody.

A prominent religious figure named Mian Mithoo, based in rural Sindh, known for his controversial practices of converting Hindu girls to Islam and associating with bandits, has openly issued threats against Seema, vowing to punish her if she returns. Furthermore, his followers have also made threats to target Hindu places of worship in Seema’s village.

Reports emerged on Sunday about an assault on the Radha Swami Darbar Temple in Sindh. Lalchand Seetlani, the President of Jacobabad General Hindu Panchayat, along with other officials, have strongly condemned the attack.

In the midst of these incidents, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has expressed deep concern over reports of the alleged kidnapping of 30 Hindus in Kashmore and Ghotki.

“The HRCP is alarmed by reports of deteriorating law and order in Kashmore and Ghotki, where some 30 members of the Hindu community, including women and children, have been held hostage by organised criminal gangs,” the commission said in a tweet on Sunday.

“Moreover, we have received disturbing reports that these gangs have threatened to attack the community’s sites of worship, using high-grade weapons. The Sindh Home Department must investigate this matter immediately and take steps to protect all vulnerable citizens in these areas,” the HRCP said. 

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