‘Oppenheimer’ sex scene sparks outrage in India

A sex scene from the recently released Hollywood movie “Oppenheimer” has drawn online outrage in India, after it was heavily criticised by Hindu nationalist groups.

One scene from the biological drama about US physicist Robert Oppenheimer shows the protagonist reciting a verse from the Bhagwad Gita just before sexual intercourse. Bhagwad Gita is considered to be one of the holiest scriptures of Hinduism.

“This is a direct assault on religious beliefs of a billion tolerant Hindus, rather it amounts to waging a war on the Hindu community,” Uday Mahurkar, a senior official at the government’s Central Information Commission wrote to the film’s director, Christopher Nolan.

In the letter that he posted on Twitter, Mahurkar argued that the motivation and logic behind including “this unnecessary scene” in the life of a scientist were not clear.

Hashtags such as #BoycottOppenheimer and #RespectHinduCulture have been trending on Twitter.

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