Mumbai Police’s Instagram post goes viral with a humorous nod to Barbenheimer

From references to pop culture, vernacular puns, rhymes, and funny memes, the Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle uses it all to make information memorable and fun. This approach has gained attention and appreciation from the public.

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mumbai Police’s Twitter account took a unique approach to urge Mumbaikars to stay at home by incorporating memes with popular songs from singers and music bands worldwide, including Lady Gaga, One Direction, BTS, and John Legend. This creative fusion of entertainment and information resonated with the public and effectively conveyed critical messages.

Behind the scenes, the Twitter handle is managed by a team consisting of seven employees from HAT media and two dozen policemen who work in shifts round the clock. The creative content is generated in a small room called the web-cell, located in the office of the Mumbai Police Commissioner, along with HAT media’s office serving as the hub.

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