Mumbai Model Who Ran Sextortion Racket In Bengaluru Arrested

Bengaluru, August 16: Karnataka police have arrested a model from Mumbai in connection with a honey trapping case, police said on Wednesday. The gang extorted huge money by threatening the victims to convert to Islam and get circumcised. The incident took place in the limits of Puttenahalli police station in Bengaluru.

Lured victims aged 20 to 50 years

The arrested model is identified as Neha a.k.a Meher and preliminary investigations have revealed that she is the main accused in the case. Police explain that Neha a.k.a Meher got in touch with gullible persons between the age group of 20 to 50 years in Bengaluru through Telegram. She lured them to have sex at her residence in J.P. Nagar fifth stage. As soon as they entered her home, she would invite them inside wearing a bikini.

Gang members took pictures and videos of private moments

The gang captured private moments and later the gang would barge inside the home and take pictures and videos of the victims with the girl. The gang members would snatch the mobile of the victim and note down all the contacts. They would demand that if they are not giving the money they would send their private video and photos to all their contacts.

Convert to Islam and marry the model

They would demand the victims to get married to the model. They insisted that to get married to her they should get converted to Islam as she is a Muslim. They would also insist that the victims should get the circumcision done immediately. The victims would get terrified by these demands and give away hefty money to the accused.

Victim lodges complaint

The gang’s free run ended after one of the victims gathered courage and lodged a police complaint. The preliminary probe had revealed that the gang had extorted 12 persons. The police are suspecting the involvement of the gang in more cases and are investigating.

The police had earlier arrested Sharana Prakash Baligera, Abdul Khader and Yasin in connection with the case. The police have launched a hunt for another accused Nadeem.

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