MPs React After Gas Canisters Thrown Inside Parliament During Winter Session; Watch Videos

MPs React After Gas Canisters Thrown Inside Parliament During Winter Session | Twitter

Delhi: In a shocking incident that unfolded at the Parliament during the ongoing Winter Session a serious security breach occurred at the Lok Sabha on Wednesday. As per reports, around two youths jumped into the House from the visitor’s gallery and opened gas canisters inside the Parliament.

The security breach is worrying

The security breach is worrying as security should have been at its highest today as the nation is mourning the deaths of soldiers who gave their lives while fighting against the terrorists during the Parliament attack in 2001.

Khalistani threat

Earlier, Khalistani separatist leader Gurpatwant Pannun had also threatened to attack the Parliament on December 13 and also said that the attack would shake the foundation of the Parlaiment. However, the Government failed to provide security even after the threats. It is unbelieveable how two persons carrying gas canisters entered the Parliament and opened it inside during the session.

One man and a woman have been detained

There are reports that two protesters, one man and a woman have been detained by Police in front of Transport Bhawan who were protesting with colour smoke. The incident took place outside the Parliament.

It was a complete security lapse

The leaders who were present inside the Parliament claim that it was a complete security lapse and that anything could have happened to them inside the Lok Sabha. They are claiming that the visitors who visit the Parliament do not carry tags and are urging the Government to take necessary precaution and should also pay attention to it.

‘These canisters were emitting yellow smoke’

Congress leader Karti Chidambaram said, “Suddenly two young men around 20 years old jumped into the House from the visitor’s gallery and had canisters in their hand. These canisters were emitting yellow smoke. One of them was attempting to run towards the Speaker’s chair. They were shouting some slogans. The smoke could have been poisonous. This is a serious breach of security especially on 13th December, the day when Parliament was attacked in 2001.”

Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said, ‘They were caught by MPs’

Leader of Congress in Lok Sabha, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury told ANI, “Two young men jumped from the gallery and something was hurled by them from which gas was emitting. They were caught by MPs, they were brought out by security personnel. House was adjourned till 2 PM. This is certainly a security breach because today we observed the death anniversary of people who sacrificed their lives in 2001 (Parliament attack).”

‘Unknown people jumped from the gallery’

“I don’t know, unknown people jumped from the gallery. More than one person. They started shouting slogans, and spraying some gas,” said Trinamool Congress leader Kakoli Dastidar on reported security breach in Parliament.

Visitors don’t carry tags

Samajwadi Party MP Dimple Yadav said, “All those who come here – be it visitors or reporters – they don’t carry tags. So, I think the government should pay attention to this. I think this is complete security lapse. Anything could have happened inside the Lok Sabha.”

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