Mentally Challenged Man Kills 2 People, Chains & Drags Dead Body For 500 Mts On Highway In Bhagalpur; Shocking Video Emerges

Bhagalpur: A horrific incident has come to light where a man allegedly killed two people and then dragged the dead body of an old man to around 500 meters on the highway in Bihar’s Bhagalpur. The incident occurred in broad daylight and the video of the incident is also making rounds on social media. The incident is said to have ocurred on August 15 in the early hours of the morning in Bhagalpur. The killer has been identified as Mohammad Azad and is a resident of Fatehpur village.

The video of the incident of the killer dragging the dead body of the old man is going viral on social media. The killer can be seen dragging the dead body on the National Highway and also cars and trucks can be seen passing by but everyone turn a blind eye to the killer dragging the dead body on the highway. The killer has been arrested by the police.

Killed them by hitting them with bricks, rod and iron chains

As per reports, the man attacked the elderly man and woman on the National Highway with brick, rods and iron chains. The killer hit them untill he was convinced that they both were dead. After killing them the man started to drag the dead body of the old man on the highway and then went away. After some time the man returned to the spot and started abusing the dead persons. On hearing the commotion, few villagers gathered and caught the killer and started thrashing him.

Locals caught the accused

The locals informed the Police about the incident. The Police arrived at the scene and arrested the killer. Further investigation is underway. The victims have been identified yet. As per the information, the man who killed the elderly people was mentally challenged and was chained in the house for past few days by his family members. But the accused fleed away about three days before the incident. As per reports, the accused has been sent to judicial custody. Azad was married and had four kids.

Azad was married in Hussainabad. As per reports, Azad’s mental condition was not good for a few days, hence his family members kept him chained in the house.

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