Man praying at Sai Baba’s feet in a temple in MP’s Katni passes away due to heart attack; video goes viral

VIDEO: Man praying at Sai Baba’s feet at a temple in MP’s Katni passes away; video goes viral |

A surprising case has come to light in the Katni district. The young man who went to visit Sai Baba temple died. The young man bowed his head in front of Sai Baba in the temple but did not get up again.

A video of this entire incident has gone viral on the internet. In the video it can be seen that the devotee had gone to the temple of Baba and was praying at his feet.

When the young man remained in the posture of bowing his head for a long time, the priest of the temple reached out to him, shook him and looked at him. But even then there was no movement in the body. This entire incident has been captured in the CCTV installed in the temple.

The cause of death is being told is a heart attack.

This incident is of Sai Baba temple located in Paharua Agricultural Produce Market of Kuthala police station area.

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