Man Loses Cool After Passenger In Vistara Flight ‘Misbehaves’ With His Daughter, Crew Intervenes; Video Surfaces

A man onboard Vistara flight got into an intense argument which threatened to turn into an ugly brawl when the flight was mid-air. The fight broke out after the daughter of a man exclaimed, “How dare you” and alleged that the man sitting next to her had touched her inappropriately. A video of the incident has gone viral on microblogging site Twitter, showing the father of the girl shouting at the man who allegedly misbehaved with his daughter. The man accused of wrongdoing is not seen in the video.

Father of girl loses cool after daughter shouts at man

The incident is said to have occured on June 25 on the Mumbai-Dehradun flight. Going by the video, the air hostess played a key role in diffusing the tension. The air hostess pacified the man who questioned and lambasted the co-passenger about his alleged misbehaviour. “How dare you threaten my daughter?” the man is heard saying to the other passenger.

Several incidents of misbehaviour mid-air

In the past few months, incidents of mid-air misbehaviour have gone up at an alarming rate. Incidents of inebriated passengers peeing and causing nuisance in the flight mid-air came to the fore. The aviation regulatory body, DGCA also took note of such indicents and told airlines to immediately report any incidents of wrongful behaviour or conduct by unruly passengers on air.

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