Lucky Enough! Kerala Lottery Agent Wins ₹1 Crore Prize With Unsold Ticket

The case of NK Gangadharan from Kozhikode, Kerala is quite interesting as the lottery agent himself won the prize at the state government’s Fifty Fifty lottery. He was announced the winner of one crore rupees for securing the first prize in the lottery. The man won the prize with an unsold ticket, along with six others who purchased tickets from him.

Before founding the lottery shop four years ago, Gangadharan worked as a bus conductor for 33 years. He told the media that this is the first time the shop has won a jackpot.

While he won a stunning amount, other tickets from his shop won Rs 5,000 each in the same draw. According to reports, Gangadharan’s Devika Store is located near the Atholi Gram Panchayat office.

Earlier this October, he received happy news from the officials which left him both confused and excited. He kept his win a secret until he approached his bank to clarify and carry out the necessary procedures.

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