IndiGo Staffer Accused Of Burning KukiZo Students’ Certificates In Viral Video, Airline Clarifies ‘He’s Former Employee’

A shocking incident has come to light through a social media post on X, where a user has posted a picture of a security officer of IndiGo Airlines and has alleged that the man in the photo is connected to the violence taking place in the state of Manipur. Taking it to X, a user named Hohoi Mate posted a picture and a video of the man and claimed that the individual is being stationed at the Kempegowda Airport in Bengaluru by the airlines.

Video Shows Man Burning Certificates

In the video shared by the user, the individual can be seen setting a pile of certificates on fire. Mate, while uploading the video on X, claimed that the individual seen in the video is a member of a Meitei socio-cultural organisation involved in the Manipur violence, causing harm to the KukiZo community. The user further alleged that the man was burning certificates belonging to the KukiZo community students.

Mate captioned the post as, “Dear Indigo, We implore you to thoroughly assess the conduct of the security officer you’ve entrusted to safeguard flights from Kempegowda Airport, Bengaluru. Recent evidence suggests his involvement with Arambai Tenggol, a Meitei socio-cultural organisation causing immense suffering to the KukiZo community in Moreh. A distressing video has surfaced, showing him burning certificates of KukiZo students.”

X User Demands Immediate Action In The Matter

Further raising concerns about passenger safety at the airport, Mate brought the airline’s attention to the incident and questioned whether such radically inclined individual can be entrusted with such a responsibility.

“Is it prudent to maintain trust in an individual who seems radically inclined? Can such a person ensure the security of your flights? Immediate and decisive action is needed. Please address this issue promptly,” wrote Mate in the post seeking immediate action in the matter from the airlines.

Airline Responds To Concerning Post

Taking cognisance of the disturbing video, IndiGo airlines responded to the post. The airline stated that they have raised the issue internally for appropriate redressal. They also assured that they are committed to serving their flyers with care.

“We have taken note of this, we have raised this internally for appropriate redressal, and we remain committed to serving you with the utmost diligence and care,” said Team IndiGo in its response.

Airline Says, ‘Man In Video Left Organisation In 2022’

In the latest reply, the airline cleared that the man seen in the viral video has not been a part of the organisation since 2022. They also stated that any action taken by the individual after his departure were not associated to the airline.

“Kindly note that we have diligently investigated the matter, and it has been ascertained that the individual in question has not been a part of the organisation since 2022. While we acknowledge your concern, please be aware that any actions taken by this individual after departing from the organisation are not representative of IndiGo. Your understanding is greatly appreciated,” said Team IndiGo.

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