India submits report to Nepal on Raxaul-Kathmandu railway line

The Konkan Railway Corporation Limited has proposed that the railway line will be based on broad-gauge, which will make a difference to the speed of the train. 

In standard gauge, the speed of the train can be up to 350 km per hour, while in broad gauge, the maximum speed is only 160 km.

The railway will start from Raxaul and pass through Birganj, Manharwa, Sapahar Bazar, Nijgarh, Dhiyal, Shikharpur, Sisneri, Satikhel and Khokna (Kathmandu).

The project’s internal rate of return is 4.81 per cent or it will take 25 years to go into the profits, added Bisural. 

Out of the total railway length, 42 km will be covered by the tunnels and 124 big bridges will have to be constructed, with 40 curves, according to the report.

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