Driver Has Lucky Escape After Road Caves In Near Balrampur Hospital In Lucknow; Visuals Surface

The driver had a narow escape after the car was saved from falling into a crater formed due to road caved in Lucknow |

A driver in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, had a lucky escape after a road caved in near Balrampur hospital in the city on Tuesday, July 4. The video of the road caved in went viral on social media as it showed how close the car was from falling into the crater that was formed right in the middle of the road.

A Twitter user shared the video of the car ‘hanging-in-balance’ and almost down the ditch after the road caved in.

Driver got no time to react

The incident is said to have taken place around 8.30 am on Tuesday, July 4 morning. The car was passing from near the Christian College in Lucknow when the road caved in. The sudden incident gave the driver no time to react and the car tilted into the large crater formed.

Lucky escape

Though the front portion of the car tilted heavily towards the large crater formed, the driver had a lucky escape as the car did not totally fall into the crater. In no time, people gathered near the car and could not believe their eyes when they large crater formed due to the road caved in right in the middle of the road.

Heavy rain cited as the reason

Authorities reached the spot after learning about the road caved in near the hospital. They said that the continuous rainfall from the last three to four days had a role in the road caved in incident and that an inquiry would be conducted into the incident.

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