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Discovering Gujarat’s Investment Potential: Policies, Hubs, and Industry Base, the latest publication from Dezan Shira & Associates is out now and available for free download through the Asia Briefing Publication Store.

Discovering Gujarat's Investment Potential - Policies, Hubs, Industries

In this issue

  1. Foreign Investment Climate in Gujarat
  2. Major Industries and Preferential Policies for Foreign Investment
  3. Spotlight on GIFT City – India’s International Financial Services Center

Located in western India, Gujarat has become a popular destination for foreign investors due to its favorable pro-business environment, strategic location, diverse manufacturing base, education ecosystem, and sector-specific policies.

Between October 2019 and June 2022, the state attracted foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows of over US$30 billion, demonstrating its strong appeal to investors.

The Gujarat government is committed to continually improving its infrastructure and logistics connectivity to facilitate greater public and private sector investments.

In addition, the establishment of new industry clusters and investment zones has made the state a highly competitive base for large-scale enterprises and export-oriented manufacturing.

Gujarat also encourages the growth of small and medium enterprises through incentives and promoting upstream business opportunities.

Its industrial policies are regularly updated to support emerging sectors and foster research and development capacity. It is not surprising that Gujarat is home to more than 300 Fortune 500 companies.

In this edition of India Briefing Magazine, we will discuss the key drivers of foreign investment in Gujarat. Next, we will focus on the major sectors promoted in the state and the preferential industrial policies that support them. Finally, we will spotlight India’s first international financial services center (IFSC), established at GIFT City.

We hope this magazine can help your business prepare to thrive in India’s rapidly expanding market.

What’s in this magazine

Chapter 1

Gujarat is a frontier state for foreign investment and industrial output in India. Besides strong traditional sectors like logistics, petrochemicals, and automotive, the state has a forward-looking attitude reflected in the scale of its infrastructure plans, industrial clusters, consistent support for production and innovation, and optimized business environment. We discuss the state’s key economic indices, handholding mechanisms to support foreign investors, location intelligence for specific industry setups, and important logistics infrastructure.

Chapter 2

Gujarat is among India’s most advanced manufacturing bases and benefits from regularly updated industrial policies, export promotion schemes, incentives for foreign investments, and the presence of several well-connected industrial clusters. Multinational enterprises seeking to diversify their supply chains can tap into key clusters in this state. We list the major industries in the state, promoted sectors, and the preferential policies that will incentivize new businesses.

Chapter 3

India’s growth story requires a robust financial sector, and the GIFT City IFSC in Gujarat offers a globally competitive financial platform for international financial services and its related sectors. We note the fiscal and operational incentives in the IFSC to facilitate global capital flows, new measures introduced under the Finance Act 2023, and the sector opportunities available.

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