Congress, BJP Enters Into Betting Over Prediction Of Poll Results

The war of words started between rival parties over the formation of government in Chhattisgarh state has entered into a dangerous zone. Instead of waiting for December 3, and letting the cat out of the bag, so that it would become apparent which party would succeed in securing public mandate, the rival party men are preferring to engage in verbal spate, betting and other notorious things.

Recently, BJP spokesperson Gouri Shanker Shrivas offered Rs 2 lakh and claimed the formation of BJP government after counting. He also challenged Congress leader Subodh Haritwal if BJP failed to form the Government he is betting to provide him Rs 2 lakh. Responding to the challenge offered by the BJP leader on X, Subodh Haritwal said, “if I won the challenge I will accept Rs 2 lakh if lost then I will provide you Rs 2 lakh.”

He also alleged BJP as a commission taker party.

Apart from it, former Minister Ajay Chandrakar, made a scathing attack over Chief Minister Baghel via X, and said, the CM was in discomfort for receiving official residence a delay of 40 days. He must declare publicly, in how many days he will vacate the CM House.

In his earlier tweet, he expressed his concern over chances of occupying the vital places such as CM House, State Secretariat, and asked the authorities to put tab on the activities of the CM Baghel, take precautionary measures, otherwise might have face tough situation what the trump supporters have did when he lost the election.

However, on the issue of hijacking the government and misusing the powers, Congress and CM Baghel both hit back and asked the BJP to clarify the strong room and ballot box incident that occurred in Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh.

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