Chlorine Gas Leakage At Mathura CMO’s Campus; Dramatic Visuals Of Nursing Students Struggling To Breath Surface

A concerning incident of chlorine gas leakage occurred at the Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO) office campus in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, on Friday. At least 10 nursing students were hospitalised for treatment. Dramatic visuals from the CMO campus showed several nursing students struggling to breath and being given medical help.

The chlorine gas leak happened from a storage cylinder at the CMO’s office campus in Mathura. The incident sent nursing students and staff in panic, raising concerns about potential health hazards.

“There has been an issue of cylinder since yesterday but no action has been taken. Suddenly, everyone has fallen ill today. Everyone knew of the situation but no action was taken,” a nursing student said.

CMO says no negligence

However, Mathura CMO Dr Ajay Kumar Verma said that there was no negligence. “Yesterday, we could sense a strange smell. Fire Department was called, they inspected everything and controlled the situation. Today, since 11 am the smell started again. Fire Department detected the issue,” Dr Verma told ANI.

‘Students vomitted out of anxiety’

Visuals of the incident showed several nursing students coughing and being carried out. Some even collapsed on the ground while others struggled to breath.

According to Dr Verma, a few of the students vomitted out of anxiety.

“A few students were anxious, they were brought out. A few of them vomitted out of anxiety but all of them are stable. We took them to hospital but they are all stable…There is no negligence, this was an old pumping station and the cylinders were empty…The gas must be chlorine,” he told ANI.

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